Welcome to the Auxxo Female Catalyst Fund whistleblowing channel. Here you can create a report if you feel like someone in the Auxxo team, Auxxo’s portfolio company, Auxxo’s limited partner, or another related business partner has violated the law or our Code of Conduct. 

We urge you to report immediately and truthfully any wrongdoing. 

How it works:

Please fill all the mandatory fields in the form. These details are needed for us to properly investigate the report.

The report is received by our Founding Partner, Dr. Gesa Miczaika, our Venture Partner, Dr. Sophie Pollok, and a third party representative, Legal Counsel at Cavalry, Eva-Juliane Stark. If you feel more comfortable reporting to someone else in our team using another channel, we encourage you to reach out to them directly. 

We check our whistleblowing channel weekly for any potential reports and aim at investigating the claim within 21 days. If you have left your contact details we might reach out to you to ask more questions and to update you on the process. We might also interview the reported person or other people present at the time of the incident to get a full picture of the event. Any investigation will be done respecting your privacy. 

Potential resolutions to a breach of our Code of Conduct include:

  • Verbal or written warning
  • Temporary or full ban from certain spaces, events, or channels 
  • Removal of responsibilities 
  • Temporary or permanent termination of contract 
  • No action beyond investigation is a possible outcome, if the situation lacks information or evidence to draw a clear picture of violation against the Code of Conduct 

If a breach of our Code of Conduct also violates any laws or regulations, we involve the corresponding authorities. We will communicate the actions taken to all involved parties, where possible (e.g. where contact information is available). 


You can report with your own name or fully anonymously. If you want to stay anonymous, please make sure you do not share any personal information. You might also want to make sure not to use a company computer or network for reporting. 

Note that if you report anonymously we can’t keep you updated on the process of the investigation or ask you more detailed questions about the report made. 

Reporting form: